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Legal Requirements

For the most part any couple who are of one of the five (5) religions recognized by Government of Indonesia: Christian (2) (Protestant and Catholic), Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist may be legally married in Indonesia. However, the preference is that the couple be of the same religious belief. The marriage should be registered with the district Civil Registrar and the ceremony must be performed under religious rites.

Indonesian authorities require that all foreigners planning to marry in Indonesia obtain a "CNI" (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage) before the wedding. This is simply a letter from your Consulate or Embassy representative in Indonesia stating that there is no objection for you to get married in Indonesia.

For the Consulate to issue this letter, each couple must personally visit their country's respective Consulate to swear an oath that they are free to marry. You must have with you the documents listed below. Once the oath has been taken, the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage will be produced and handed over. This is usually done on the spot.

The following information will be required in order to process your marriage certificate in Indonesia. Be advised that all documents must be original - no photocopies.

* Passport
* Birth certificates for both parties
* Details of religious faith (i.e. baptism certificates)
* Occupations and domiciles for both parties
* Written parental consent for any person under the age of 21
* Death certificate of former spouse (when relevant)
* Decree absolute divorce certificate (when relevant)
* Details of names, addresses, professions of witnesses.
* Two (2) witnesses are required. If you do not have any witnesses Wika Bali Wedding will arrange
* Eight (8) photographs (6 x 4 cm) of the couple in same photo.
*Photo must be of the head and shoulders only, side by side, looking straight ahead. Be advised that these photos will be attached to your wedding certificate!

Catholic Couples must also present:

* Baptism Certificates - Mandatory. These should be issued not more than 6 months (and preferably not more than 3 months) prior to your wedding date;
* "Letter of Freedom" issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring you have never been married and are therefore free to marry;
* "Letter of Delegation" issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring that they have no objection to your marriage ceremony being performed by a Priest from the Catholic Church in Bali.
* Pre Nuptial Course
* Pre Marriage Inquiry

Because of the many rules and regulations related to Catholic couples, we recommend a minimum of one month preparation period. Please be advised that we can not confirm the religious ceremony until all documents required by the Catholic Church have been received and verified by the local Church authorities.

That said, for Catholic couples who may not be able to fulfill these requirements they may still be have a Christian wedding ceremony but they would first need to make statement that they agree to be married as Protestants.

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